The Devil's Tricycle
Reader Review excerpts

Simple lifestyle changes can help you take control of the migraines that might now have control of you.

    But some behaviors are just too common to see. Some advice is white noise that's too loud to hear. Some truths are plentiful enough to ignore. As a result, migraine patients across the globe ignore advice that'll help them get better and take less medicine.

    Your parents, when you were little, may have told you, "Make sure to get enough sleep!" Somewhere, some time, some doctor must have said to you, "Try not to consume excess caffeine." Have you ever heard advice that sounds like no more than empty rhetoric? Have you heard other advice you immediately wanted to follow?

    Yeah? Then what's the difference? 

    THE DEVIL'S TRICYCLE asserts that that difference is the very difference between hearing and understanding. Blind allegiance and accepting sound rationale. Knowing and feeling. The hope behind THE DEVIL'S TRICYCLE is you'll understand its principles enough to want to regulate your sleep, stop giving credit to caffeine for things it isn't doing, and enjoy better control of your migraines.

"A fellow author recommended this book to me...It made me realize I was a caffeine abuser and gave easy steps to correct my habit."

"Anyone with me? You should read this book!"

" get the impression he’s sitting across from you in the kitchen just explaining things."

"Your explanation on the circadian rhythm helped me a great deal." 


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