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The Light in the Trees

“Cabin 7 was supposed to be a kind of salvation…not some brooding doorway into the rest of our lives."


In 1970, twelve-year-old White Birch Camp veteran Ted returns to his once-favorite place. It is months after his mom’s violent death, and he’s convinced his dad is dumping him for the summer. Or maybe for good.


But he immediately meets his two best friends, Zeke and Neil. Karen, the director’s daughter, notices him, and he finds her more alluring than the camp’s panoramic view of Loon Lake. He also finds Hoss, an alarmingly intelligent, charming, and manipulative risk-taker with a knack for criminal mischief and an unusual vendetta. 


In this coming-of-age thriller, follow Ted as he daydreams with Karen of a secret trip to the lake’s far shore, grows with the healing power of true friendship, and dives into psychological warfare with a young sociopath whose guile and need to control eventually turn deadly. 


“I’ll do it for you guys."

Reader Review excerpts

"Van Valer really knows how to write tension and suspense, and his story packs a punch."

"...pulls you into another...era and keeps you completely fixated..."

"...masterfully captures the coming of age rollercoaster of emotion...while weaving in a terrifying plot!"


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