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    My name is Jeff, and I've dipped my toes--jumped, really--into the inviting but dark water that's been next to me for most of my life. The unassuming surface has been mirror-smooth for years, its water dark, its depth unknown. A sign poking out of its mushy bank says, CREATIVE WRITING: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

    As a neurologist and sleep medicine physician, I've always been a writer. My actual publication, though (save for the occasional case report in a medical journal), began only in 2015. The Devil's Tricycle is a short, self-help volume about how to escape the synergy between migraine syndrome, caffeine use and abuse, and insufficient sleep. After its pure-electronic debut, a friend more-or-less dared me to try a novel. Little did she know I've dreamt about just that for years. Always writing, never published.

    Until now.

    In March of 2018, I released my first novel, a suspense thriller called The Light in the Trees. In this nostalgia-laced, coming-of-age story, Ted, a twelve-year-old boy, shows up at camp shouldering more burden than just his duffel bag. White Birch is so different from home it pulses with an emotional magic. It's a place a kid can meet his best friends, fall in love without knowing he's doing so, and meet a conniving junior sociopath whose risk-taking escalates throughout the summer to something horrific. 

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